Испарительный охладитель ADRIAN-AIR® EV18KT

от 12500 сумм

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Тепловая мощность: 47.6 КВт
Расход газа: 5 КБ.М/Ч
Технология: Солнечного обогрева

The direct insert style liquid flow sensor with stainless steel/PPS plastic tip combines flow sensing with a built-in transmitter for an all in one flow measuring system. This device fits all 1-1/2 to over 36 in pipes, and it is intended for direct installation into the pipe through a 1 in NPT hole. In the hot tap installation, the sensor is mounted in the pipe under pressure by attaching a service saddle or weld-on fitting to the pipe. Then the sensor assembly is attached to an isolation valve and extended into the pipeline to measure flow.

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